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Renting is easy with us

Zora makes renting simple by giving landlords a quantified tenant score and a set of tools to streamline renting.

Why be a part of our Team?

Better Yourself

Book allowance, subsidized career training, leadership training and an open corporate structure are just some of the things that make Zora perfect for personal growth.


Zora cultivates a climate in which respect, equity, and positive recognition of differences are all cultivated, and disabilities pose no barrier to a positive employment experience.

Medical & Dental

Comprehensive medical and dental coverage including vision as well as long and short term disability. Subsidized Fitness club membership. Healthy employees are happy employees.

Corporate Responsibility

We put people before profits and we are committed to the improvement of our communities. Be it via donations to causes close to the hearts of our employees or by participation as volunteers.

Flex Time

All work at Zora is project based work. Morning start time is flexible. We care more about what you can do, rather then when you get to do it. Not all of us are morning birds.

Mega Perks

Free fruit, Relocation reimbursement, terminal wednesdays, co-determination, corporate retreats, gadgets, opportunities to work from home, legal assistance and much more make up our mega perks.




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