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Tenant Quality Score

Tenant Quality Score

Zora looks at over 80 social, demographic and behavioural patterns of rental applicants to identify the best ones with the lowest risk.

Streamlined Applications

Streamlined Applications

Have your tenants apply from their mobile device or a laptop and we will sort, score and check their references and background for you.

Intelligent communication

Take the Pain Out of Listings

Tired of posting and reposting your property on web sites to stay at the top of listing page?
We can handle that for you.

Being a good Landlord is hard

Being a good landlord is hard

There are a thousand things that can go wrong in the landlord tenant relationship. Zora prevents those things from happening. We find you the best tenants and we give you the tools you need to keep them.

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A Civilized Application

A civilized Application

Complete your rental application, get your Z score and apply to multiple properties without filling out a new application every single time. Zora protects your privacy and keeps you informed throughout the entire process.


Customer Stories

“Zora was easy to understand. It quickly became clear that I was dealing with folks who were committed to giving me a great customer experience.” Rosalie Wright, Tenant

“I had some horror situations in the past so I was eager to try Zora. I can confidently say that Zora saved me hundreds of dollars so far.” Melissa Diaz, Landlord

“Beautiful listings and application forms really set our firm apart from competition. Zora helped us look better and cut down on bad tenants.” Jon Davis, Property Manager

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